Partner Training Academy Series

26th October 2022

One of our leading vendors in the Risk & Trust Assessment space has some exciting new features coming to their solutions, which ensures and further secures your brand from malicious attacks on your industrial reputation.

ZeroFOX is giving a sneak peek for our partners into how their newest features can guarantee a secured infrastructure and improve brand protection across the board for your organization. These new features are sure to be exciting prospects to showcase to your high-end customer base.

For resources from the event, please click the following: Product Handouts

WHEN: 26th October 2022 | 12:30 PM GST 

  • Who is ZeroFOX?
  • Demo on the New Brand Protection Features
  • Q&A


Matt Chinnery - Senior Security Sales Engineer, ZeroFOX

Matt Chinnery has been an IT Professional for 20 years, originally trained as an IT Engineer he has over the past 10 years specialised in Cyber Security, initially with Endpoint, DLP and SIEM technology and now most recently within the Public Attack Surface and Digital Risk Protection space. Currently at ZeroFOX he works as a Senior Sales Engineer enabling organizations across all verticals understand the issues and security risks that the Public Attack Surface poses and how ZeroFOX can protect and secure their assets.

Matt has spoken at many internal industry events delivering thought leadership and has been a guest speaker on several panel discussions.