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Organizations and companies of all sizes have started adopting work-from-home practices to ensure business continuity and limit employee exposure to a potential viral infection.

The main cause of data breaches has traditionally been employee negligence, with studies showing 17 percent of data breaches in 2019 were caused by employees. With work- from-home procedures in place, organizations could face an increase in attacks that could lead to data breaches. It’s vital that both employees and organizations take proper precautions to limit this risk and monitor, react and contain any sign of intrusion within corporate networks and compromise of employee endpoints.






Incident Response & Risk Mitigation

Employees working from home now? No VPN? No problem! Did you know you can still perform data collection from remote off-network endpoints with AccessData? <<READ THE WHITE PAPER>

Digital Shadows
Digital Risk Protection

Cybercriminal activity around this global pandemic can result in financial damage and promote dangerous guidance, ultimately putting additional strain on efforts to contain the virus <<LEARN MORE>>

Entrust Datacard
Trusted Identities & Secured Transactions

Keeping our customers secure is what we do. With COVID-19 and business continuity top of mind, we recognize that many of our customers are actively encouraging their workers to work from home. We’re here to help. If you are an existing Entrust Datacard customer, we’ve got you covered with temporary work from home cloud-based authentication licensing options.

Post Breach Detection

As more employees work from home, it can be difficult to enforce and maintain tight security controls. With that in mind, Infocyte prepared a high-level checklist to help keep your remote workers and corporate IT environments secure <<LEARN MORE>>

Mobile Device Forensics

The MSAB Covid-19 solution allows you to quickly obtain information from the cellphones of for examples patients in hospitals, people wanting to pass through border control, from criminals and from those that might already have passed away. In all these cases, knowing their past locations, movements and activities can be crucial in containing the future spread of the virus.

Cloud Security

Working outside of the traditional office environment has become a cultural norm but organisations are struggling with providing remote workers with secure access to their private applications. <<LEARN MORE>>

Digital Resilience & Analytics Platform

Working and going to school from home? Now is a good time to review cybersecurity basics. Check out the RedSeal primer with quick bullet-point lists for protecting yourself and your family <<READ THE WHITE PAPER>>

Privilged Access Management

Trust or Zero Trust? Going Beyond Privileged Access Management. Least privilege is intended to prevent “over-privileged access” by users, applications or services to help reduce the risk of exploitation without impacting productivity or involving the IT help desk <<LEARN MORE>>

Privilged Access Management

Wallix is mobilizing its support of customers, partners, and all companies needing to establish a service continuity plan due to the pandemic, offering free remote access licenses for managing privileged accounts during this global health crisis.


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