SUMURI is known for developing innovative and forward-thinking forensic software, hardware, training, and services. SUMURI’s core mission is to provide the forensic community with unique and relevant digital forensic solutions while adhering to our core values of honor, integrity, loyalty, positive attitude, dedication, and most important above all, altruism.


SUMURI’s forensic software and brand of computers are built on the most reliable and stable platform designed by Certified Forensic Computer Examiners. Forensic software developed by SUMURI is Mac-native, ensuring that all metadata is being captured. Their custom workstation is built with expandability and a future-proof mindset and configured and optimized by a CFCE to ensure each workstation seamlessly works with forensic applications!


SUMURI Digital Forensic Services is known worldwide as a leader in Macintosh, Windows, and Mobile Forensics. SUMURI’s DFIR team members are Certified Computer Forensic Examiners and have vast experience in imaging, analysis, and reporting. 

SUMURI’s DFIR consultants not only cover the United States but also Canada, Asia, Europe, the UK, and the Arabian Peninsula. Partnered with established Professional Services companies to provide even more extensive client services. 


SUMURI stresses that their training and certification is vendor-neutral and the candidates are free to use those tools they deem necessary to complete the process. The goal of SUMURI’s training and the CFME is to provide the examiner with the knowledge to conduct Mac Forensics on any platform and using any tool.