We empower organizations to turn their passion for safe and efficient production – and business continuity – into powerful operational insights and improved business outcomes.

Our award-winning Industrial Cyber Protection solution enables the secure sharing of industrial data while ensuring protection against cyber threats targeting industrial plants, equipment, and people.

Bayshore provides active Policy Enforcement – via our Pallaton™ Policy Enforcement Engine – and protection, with the ability prevent costly and damaging cyber-attacks, allowing normal business operations to continue while the OT environment remains safe and unharmed in the face of cyber threat. We give organizations with industrial infrastructure peace-of-mind, enabling them to unlock the business benefits and operational efficiencies heralded by the Industrial Internet.

Built by OT experts and designed for the OT environment, Bayshore boasts the most extensive list of Industrial protocol handlers available and the most robust, ready-to-use security policies by asset class. Our goal is to keep the OT environment safe while giving our customers the ability to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and accelerate business results.


Automatic Industrial Firewall

  • SCADAfuse offers turnkey protection for PLCs and SCADA/DCS devices
  • Native support for modbus, Ethernet/IP, S7
  • Reports via modbus to HMIs
  • Syslog and email alerting
  • Hardware authentication for setup/admin
  • Standard DIN rail enclosure, 24VDC power
  • Easily set up in <1 hour

SCADAfuse sits in front of critical endpoints, protecting PLCs and SCADA/DCS devices from unauthorized use, dangerous instructions and activities, and remote takeover from hostile sources. It features a bypass port pair for data in/out, requires no re-addressing of the network or assets, and is fully self-contained. No remote management console is required for setup or maintenance.


Real Time Secure Remote Access

  • Secure, granular remote access, more precise than VPNs
  • Controlled per protocol + per activity + per seat unique to your environment
  • Ensures OT assets and network cannot be remotely manipulated outside of line of sight
  • Available as on-premises hardware solution or as a cloud service
  • Minimizes the attack surface and enables the most secure option for remote employees or 3rd party vendors to access endpoints within the OT network

OTaccess is a cloud-hosted, software-defined network remote access product with support for encrypted microtunnels, two-factor authentication, Microsoft Active Directory users and groups, and specific endpoint access capabilities oriented around OT network security requirements.

OTaccess provides content-based in-session policy enforcement for certain defined rulesets, and the available list of policies will expand automatically with no user intervention required.