Why choose GTB for Data Protection and Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?
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New programs requiring the use of unconventional protocols are becoming increasingly more prevalent. Furthermore, despite company policies forbidding the practice, employees frequently utilize peer to peer applications. Microsoft Networks and similar protocols, initially designed for LAN, are perfectly capable of working over the Internet. Finally, malicious applications (e.g., viruses and worms) can be utilized to transfer data across a broad variety of protocols. So supporting just SMTP, HTTP, FTP and IM is a real limitation and is NOT DLP.  It is essential that the Data Protection system detect rogue connections or unauthorized encryption, terminates the connection and provides remediation.

Network & Cloud Enterprise Data Loss Prevention
Data in Motion security and protection

GTB Technologies provides true data protection with the ability to create, manage & enforce DLP security policies based on content &/ context for when, where, how and by whom data can or can’t be moved to or from the network &/ devices.

Based on patented, and patent pending, proprietary technology; GTB’s Inspector , a “Content-Aware Reverse Firewall”TM inspects, classifies and analyzes ALL outbound &/ inbound data transmissions from your network in real time.

We’re talking about ALL Channels and ALL types of data, structured and /or unstructured. Once a unique threshold of protected data is detected, the GTB Inspector enforces the appropriate action such as

  • Log
  • Encrypt
  • Quarantine
  • Block
  • Severity Block
  • Pass

Endpoint DLP/EDR, Detect & Respond
User driven and automatic, New FileShare Auditor

Protect Data accurately with unrivaled detection against data theft while on premises, off and anywhere in-between WITHOUT having to send data to the cloud!

Rather than restricting devices that connect to the cloud / network and passively audit data transfers, the GTB Advanced Endpoint Protector offers organizations the ability to control what content can be transferred between the network, applications & removable media devices – both on and off premises, including cloud applications. With the unique ability to ACCURATELY detect, investigate and respond to data exfiltration attempts, many enterprises use GTB for DLP, EDR & UEBA instead of 3 different vendor tool-sets.

Secure intellectual property, sensitive data and meet regulatory compliance quickly with out-of-the-box and custom policies, applying unique market leading DLP detection capabilities to control data theft on Mac, Windows & Linux.

Content Aware DRM/IRM
Digital Rights Management

GTB’s Content Aware Enterprise DRM is a Context & Content-Aware Enterprise digital rights management system providing organizations comprehensive data centric and access controls to sensitive data for internal and external constituents – on premises, and wherever the data goes including the cloud and mobile devices.

The system automatically controls 4 W’s-

  • WHO can access the information?
  • WHAT can recipients do with the information?
  • WHEN can each user access the information
  • WHERE the information can be used?

The marriage of Content-Awareness and EDRM provide an organization comprehensive access control on sensitive data for internal and external constituents. Sensitive or confidential data is automatically encrypted based on file content and access to such data is controlled by either the File Owner or designated Administrator. External constituents may also have access rights to such files but only if they have been approved. This way organizations are able to secure files even after such files are circulating outside the perimeter.

Data Discovery
Simple, Easy & Accurate – based on Content & Context

GTB Technologies’ mission is to properly secure an organizations’ mission-critical data from data leakage by bringing a broad set of influential Data Security innovations and unique vision to the market. We know Data Protection is an ongoing, fluid process. One of the first steps is Data Classification or having the ability to identify and discover sensitive content to monitor and protect. This can be customer information, HR data, quarterly statements, source code, Salesforce content, business plans and much more.

Classify sensitive data on-premises and in the cloud – accurately and fast
GTB Data Discovery with Classification easily and accurately identifies overexposed data, stale data, and remediates security vulnerabilities.

Data Classification
User Driven & Automatic in Real-Time

GTB Technologies, a Gartner Visionary and the technology leader of next generation data protection intelligent platforms for on premises, the endpoint, the cloud and everywhere else; announces the release of the GTB Data Classifier for Data Loss Prevention. This new addition brings to market the most advanced Endpoint DLP agent available.

False Positive & False Negatives, the Achilles Heel of DLP

GTB Technologies is the only data protection platform which provides intelligent patented detection algorithms that prevent the Achilles heel of DLP – false positive and false negative events, commonly referred to as “the critical gaps in DLP”.

The GTB Data Classifier, powered by GTB’s patented intelligent detection AccuMatchTM engines, delivers a quick, accurate solution to easily protect sensitive data on desktops, laptops, data silos, USB thumb drives, and external storage devices. Data Classifier provides two classification modes, System and User based. System mode auto-classifies an email or a file based on Data Governance that maps the DLP policies to data classification levels. User Mode forces a user (content creator and / or data owner) to classify the data.

GTB Data ClassifierThe GTB Data Classifier also provides enterprises with the flexibility of customizing classification levels that maps to current Data Loss Prevention policies.

Cloud DLP
Extend DLP Policies & Workflows for Cloud Apps & CASBs

GTB provides CASB-like functionality, with real-time discovery, classification, visibility and control of cloud data usage. GTB’s advanced data detection engines discover and limit damage from malware, Shadow IT, insiders and anonymizers; answering questions such as:

  • What data is going to which cloud? or
  • Who is sending sensitive data to which cloud service?
  • What data is being exfiltrated?
  • Prevent sensitive data from being exfiltrated?

Market Leader
GTB’s Data Protection / DLP platform is consistently highlighted in analyst reports (Gartner, Forrester, IDC, etc.) by providing a comprehensive enterprise Data Loss Prevention solution at a highly attractive price, while delivering a fast time to value; including receiving the highest rated critical capability scoring in data discovery and ease of deployment.