Infocyte’s threat hunting and incident response platform, Infocyte HUNT, helps you proactively hunt and kill the hidden cyber threats your defensive layers are prone to miss.

Infocyte HUNT

Automated, intelligent threat hunting.
Our cyber threat hunting platform — HUNT™— quietly and continuously inspects your endpoints, hunting threats capable of evading even the world’s most advanced cybersecurity detection technologies.

Infocyte HUNT automates and simplifies threat hunting — traditionally, a specialized knowledge and services-heavy process — making it easier for security teams to investigate threats capable of evading your cybersecurity defenses and helping you mitigate the breach detection gap.

Most vulnerabilities remain undiscovered — within your network, systems, and devices — for months, sometimes years. In fact, the average global dwell time is 169 days.

Infocyte HUNT is the only threat hunting platform with Forensic State Analysis (FSA) — strikingly different from EDR, IOC, and UBA tools. FSA enables HUNT to comprehensively analyze and validate endpoints in search of threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Automated, agentless surveys are lightning fast
  • Detect breach activity other tools are prone to miss
  • Reduce attacker dwell time, limit breach damage/costs
  • Deployable within Windows and/or Linux networks