MSAB is the global leader in forensic technology for mobile device examination, with offices in Europe and in the USA, as well as a network of distributors across the globe. The company has been involved with mobile communications since 1984 and now has a singular focus on the forensic recovery of data from mobile devices.

Our XRY software has been used by investigators to quickly and effectively retrieve information, such as pictures, SMS, call history, contact lists and application data since 2003.

XRY is used by Police, Law Enforcement, Military, Government Intelligence Agencies and Forensic Laboratories in over 100 countries worldwide to investigate crime, gather intelligence, investigate fraud and fight corruption. In the UK alone we supply 97% of UK Police Forces with XRY for mobile device examination.

Combined together, all of our products, platforms and services form a complete ecosystem of mobile forensics that protects our customers throughout the evidence chain. No matter what type of user, location, mobile device or environment; we have a tool designed to suit that particular need. These solutions work together in harmony to ensure best practice workflows for all stakeholders; from the field to the lab, through to the court room and beyond.

MSAB Platforms

MSAB Office
The All-in-One Mobile Forensic System from MSAB

MSAB Office is the all-purpose forensic system from MSAB; offering the XRY product solutions in a package. MSAB Office allows investigators to access all possible methods to recover data from a mobile device.

XRY is a purpose built software based solution, complete with all the necessary hardware for recovering data from mobile devices in a forensically secure manner. With MSAB Office you can achieve more and go deeper into a mobile device to recover vital data. With a choice of Logical, Physical, Cloud & PinPoint recovery tools for all supported devices; the Office kit works on your PC to produce a secure forensic report containing data extractions from mobile handsets.

MSAB Field
For Mobile Units in Demanding Conditions

MSAB Field is ideally suited for mobile units in demanding conditions. This equipment is designed for examiners in the field, such as military intelligence, crime scene investigators and international organizations like United Nations peacekeepers.

These users often require rugged portable, self-sufficient forensic kits which are flexible, quick to use and easy to link to headquarters or remote computers. The Field Version incorporates all of these features – with hardware and software combined to perform a complete and rapid analysis for the vast majority of mobile devices available today. Customers enjoy the security of working with a solution in which all the components work together effectively in a single device solution, minimizing problems and support issues. The MSAB Field Version meets the tough specifications of MIL-STD – 810G and IP65 compliance.

The hardware solution is a fully rugged convertible Toughbook featuring a revolutionary LCD screen that transforms from a high-performance notebook to a fully portable tablet PC. This exclusive device has a hot swappable battery option for extended working hours.

MSAB Kiosk
Powerful mobile forensics that anyone can use

The MSAB Kiosk offers the proven power of XRY mobile forensic software through a turnkey terminal that is simple enough for anyone to use.

The Kiosk uses a simplified touch screen interface that guides users through extractions step by step according to a predefined workflow, which can be customized to your organization’s unique needs and requirements. It is designed for operational frontline users where mobile data recovery and analysis is just one part of their responsibilities, enabling them to quickly perform extractions successfully and consistently with minimal training.

MSAB Tablet
A Lightweight Portable Solution for Faster Examinations

With a touch screen interface, the MSAB Tablet is designed to quickly and easily recover data from mobile devices. Tablet allows you to plug in the mobile device, touch the screen and extract the data within minutes, wherever you are.

With its ease of use the Tablet provides front line users with real-time evidence and intelligence gathering capability in the most flexible form factor to date.

Whilst complex cases or devices will always need highly trained personnel, the Tablet can help speed up the ‘triage’ process of assessment by allowing investigators quick access.

Tablet can be tailored to organization work flows and configured for different levels of forensic ability to minimize the training requirements. It offers control of a simplified forensic process in a locked-down environment, to ensure the integrity and credibility of the forensic evidence.

A Mobile Device Triage Kit in an extremely portable package

Raven is an innovative, highly portable mobile device triage toolset designed for operators in the field who need to quickly extract data from mobile devices to make quick informed decisions. Raven’s capabilities, ease of use and minimal effect on personal equipment load makes it ideal for discrete operations.


Getting the best digital evidence is what matters. And XRY recovers more data than ever before.

XRY extracts more data, in less time, with full integrity.

Your investigations rely on the quality and speed of your extractions. Without solid digital evidence at your disposal, all the efforts of your team may be in vain.

XRY is a powerful, intuitive and efficient software application that runs on the Windows operating system. It lets you securely extract more high-quality data in less time than ever before, while at all times fully maintaining the integrity of the evidence.

XRY Logical

XRY Logical is a rapid extraction method to access and recover live and file system data from the device right on the crime scene, by communicating directly with the operating system of the device.

XRY Logical is our entry-level solution for forensic investigators and the starting point for our license options.

XRY Physical

XRY Physical lets examiners sidestep the operating system to dump all system and deleted data out of the device, plus it also allows you to overcome security and encryption challenges on locked devices.

XRY Physical is the next level license for the physical recovery of data from mobile devices.