Since 2001 Paraben has been a foundation in solutions for mobile devices, smartphones, computers, email, gaming system and cloud forensics. Paraben has been forging new approaches for dealing with digital evidence. Paraben’s focus on mobility led to many other areas of innovation including the research and development into the Internet of Things (IoT) with the Forensics of Everything TM (FoE). Paraben has spent many years innovating the field with unique approaches to digital evidence that allow true digital data intelligence to emerge from the information. Paraben provides software with a unified vision and interface for dealing with all types of digital data. Paraben is world renowned for not only the technology offered, but also the training that is done both in person and online with the Paraben Training Academy. From start to finish Paraben offers solutions that can build new capabilities into any digital investigation.


E3:Universal has broken the boundaries of digital evidence with its ability to process any type of digital data. E3:U truly masters the three sides of the digital triangle with file system/hard drive data, smartphone/mobile data, and the new emerging IoT data. For any lab or organization, the ability to have one unified interface and control over process is key for efficiency and consistency.


E3:DS is top-notch with a lot of options for any size lab. E3:DS is the comprehensive approach to mobile forensics in a single tool and can’t be beat. E3:DS is capable of logical and physical imaging, data carving, App data parsing, password bypass, and unique content analysis with malware detection, etc.


Paraben’s E3:P2C is a tried-and-true computer forensic tool that supports a variety of digital data sources that include: file system, network email archives, local email archives, internet data, etc. E3:P2C has a built-in triage function to see core pieces of potential evidence before proceeding to the next level of your examination. E3:P2C offers a cost effective solution to your computer analysis needs.

E3:P2C provides all sizes of labs a solution for their digital data processing needs.


Paraben’s NEMX has been a standard in analyzing network email archives since 2002. Filtering through millions of messages and outputting your results into PST files for review by clients and counsel has become a common task for forensic examiners, eDiscovery experts, and IT security personnel throughout the world. E3:NEMX makes it easy to sift through hundreds of gigabytes of email. Whether you’re investigating Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, or Novell GroupWise, your job just got easier with E3:NEMX.


Paraben’s EMX has been a force to be reckoned with since 2002 and still provides comprehensive email archive support at a fraction of the price of other tools. E3:EMX allows you to analyze message headers, bodies, and attachments. E3:EMX doesn’t just recover email in the deleted folders; it recovers email deleted from deleted items (deleted/deleted). E3:EMX is the industry leading email examination tool that is easy enough for anyone to use. Analyze email from head-to-toe, including detailed attachment sorting and analysis. E3:EMX supports all major email types that are stored on local computers for analysis, reporting, and exporting/conversion.


Paraben’s Internet & Chat Examiner is a new combination tool that can help with simple examinations of data associated with internet history and instant messaging. This software can be installed on the system that you want to examine or it can be set up on a forensic workstation to review an acquired image.