Encrypting your business. Securing your future.

In today’s world of multi-vendor public clouds, globally outsourced workers and contractors, data hackers, security breaches, and rogue employees, why take a risk with your data privacy? Protecting your most important asset is our priority. Our patented, next-generation software encryption solution enables organizations to protect data stored on-premise, in multi-vendor cloud structures and within Kubernetes worker nodes and containers. We help businesses easily meet regulatory compliance using our Data Privacy Manager architecture consisting of key management, encryption and data spoofing. Don’t risk your organization’s success by not properly protecting your data. Let Randtronics protect your business, and secure your future.


Randtronics Data Privacy Manager (DPM) is a software-based data security solution that protects structured and unstructured data residing in laptops, desktops, Kubernetes containers, multi-vendor cloud structures and servers (web, app, database, file, CRM and ERP systems) using encryption, masking, pseudonymization, tokenization, and anonymization. The solution offers dynamic, context aware security from basic to defense level, access control, multi-factor authentication, logging and auditing, high performance, small office to enterprise wide scalability, deployment without code changes, privileged user protection levels, high availability and application white and black list control.


  • Encryption of Files and Folders – Randtronics DPM easyCipher
  • Encryption of Laptops and Desktops – Randtronics DPM easyCipher
  • Encryption of Databases – Randtronics DPM easyCipher
  • Encryption, Masking, Tokenization of Web, Application and Databases – Randtronics DPM easyData
  • Encryption of Metadata in Web, Application and Databases – Randtronics DPM easyData
  • Management of encryption keys – Randtronics DPM easyKey
  • Straightforward integration with a HSM – Randtronics DPM easyKey
  • Encryption of SAP ERP Systems – Randtronics DPM easyCipher and DPM easyData
  • Encryption of Oracle Financials – Randtronics DPM easyCipher and DPM easyData