The name “Sumuri”​ is an old Tagalog word which can be interpreted as “to investigate”​ or “analyze”​.

The heart of Sumuri consists of simple core values that should exist in any company such as ours but is hard to find in today’s business models. Core values such as honor, integrity, loyalty, positive attitude, dedication and most important above all – altruism. Altruism – the desire to help, serve and care for others first before yourself. Many companies may start out with values such as these but they are quickly forgotten as time goes on. Too many times we have seen companies grow larger and forget about the customer who they are serving.

Sumuri realizes that you are what is most important about what we do as a company. You are the reason we exist and our unparalleled commitment is to make sure you are provided with the best training, products and service that we can bestow. We don’t want you to become just a number in a database or list. We want you to become part of our family.


See the evidence that is missed by other forensic tools…

RECON LAB is SUMURI’s newest flagship forensic suite that is designed using common sense. You wouldn’t trust a doctor to perform surgery knowing that they only looked at half of your medical results. Similarly, as a forensic examiner, why would you continue to use tools that miss data that is readily available?

Common sense and your reputation can answer that question for you.


Both Bootable and Live Imaging Solutions

Take the guesswork out of what tool to use for imaging Macs. RECON ITR includes both Bootable and Live Imaging solutions to image all Intel Macs and their filesystems.

RECON ITR combines both the functions of bootable and live imaging from RECON TRIAGE and RECON IMAGER PRO into an integrated solution that automatically identifies, displays and can image FileVault, APFS and Core Storage volumes and disks at a cost well below any other tool.

RECON ITR images all Intel based Macs including the newest generation of Mac’s with APFS and T2 Chipsets. No more waiting for other solutions to catch up to the latest technology to do what RECON ITR can do today.