WALLIX Group is a cybersecurity software vendor dedicated to defending and fostering organizations’ success and renown against the cyberthreats they are facing. For over a decade, WALLIX has strived to protect companies, public organizations, as well as service providers’ most critical IT and strategic assets against data breaches, making it one of the world leaders in Privileged Access Management.

As digitalization impacts companies’ IT security and data integrity worldwide, it poses an even greater challenge if the data involved is highly sensitive. The recent regulatory changes in Europe (NIS/GDPR) and in the United States (NERC CIP/Cyber Security Directorate) urge companies belonging to sensitive sectors to place cybersecurity at the heart of their activity.

WALLIX Bastion

Secure Privileged User Access

The WALLIX Bastion is a centralized solution that secures privileged access and monitors privileged sessions. It provides unalterable audit trails and behavioral analysis reports on privileged user activity. These resources can be useful when making security decisions and can help prevent the spread of malicious software to other systems.